HackZurich 2019: Projekt «Smart parking»

HackZurich 2019: Projekt «Smart parking»


Inspiration Drivers often choose the nearest parking with the place they need. But there can be a problem. Imagine that there is no free places. You should riding away from this parking to find another one. First of all, you waste your time, moreover you create a traffic and waste not only your time. In addition, car's exhaust gases harm to environment

What it does This is a mobile app which helps you to find a parking slot. It has a map where you can select a destination. Smart algorithm finds parkings around a destination, calculates how far they are from the goal, predicts their occupancy, look at the weather conditions and chooses the best one. It also takes into account how much time you need to get to the destination from your location. So, before the start of your journey you already know which parking do you need. The app is also show you an estimate arrival time and predicted occupancy.


Evgeny Rakcheev und Alex Zabelin